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However, when a group of researchers–once again funded by a drug manufacturer with a financial interest in the results–randomized a group of non-diabetic insulin resistant volunteers to either diet and exercise or actos, they discovered that decrease in waist hip ratio that study subjects experienced while taking actos was due to the increase in their hips, not a decrease in their waist in fact, actos was causing an increase in the number of fat cells accumulating in what was euphemistically called the lower body depot in an area most of us would probably recognize better when called by its common name the butt.

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women have also a greater risk of bone fractures in the upper arm, hand, or foot when they are using actos pioglitazone .

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people with conditions associated with galactose intolerance should not take this medication.

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7 million in damages to the plaintiffs in an actos case, finding that decedent diep an s bladder cancer was the result of taking actos for 4 years to treat his type 2 diabetes.


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