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I have been losing my hair since 30 years of age, i take morphine, mega dose 260mg daily xanax, cymbalta mega dose, 180mg trazodone 150mg , robaxin muscle relaxer 2,250 mg a day , zocar, high chlestrol i ve just been taken off seroquel 500mg and effexor.

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methocarbamol trade name robaxin, which is marketed by actient pharmaceuticals llc in the united states and pfizer in canada is a central muscle relaxant used to treat skeletal muscle spasms.

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although several observers have reported success in terminating epileptiform seizures with robaxin injectable, its administration to patients with epilepsy is not recommended see precautions, general .

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robaxin muscle relaxant, started 2 24 06; only as needed rarely for when muscles get tight due to pain .

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